It is paradoxical but profoundly true that the most certain way for people to bring hope, help, meaning and joy to their own lives is by reaching out to bring hope, help, meaning and joy to the lives of others.  We invite you to experience this beautiful phenomenon with us through the children in Bosnia that are fighting every day with mental and physical disabilities and war traumas. 

Riders of Hope is the first and only organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina offering Therapeutic Riding for children with special needs.  The founders of this vision, Seanada Pekarić-Muratović and Maja Hadziomerovic, are both young women who survived the brutal atrocities of the war in Bosnia and the siege of Sarajevo.  Through their interactions with horses, they each found refuge and made peace with their lost childhood.  Now they have partnered to share this transforming experience with other adults and children with special needs, so that they may feel the emotional and physical benefits of a therapeutic riding program, currently reserved mainly for the more developed nations.


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