Riders of Hope is honored to have so many friends who believe in us and share our vision. There are no words to describe the impact that each of these individuals has had on our organization and, in turn, on each and every life that we touch.  During the difficult times of starting from scratch, these individuals have shared their knowledge and wisdom, wealth, food, time, dedication, experiences and much more. 

In the near future, we will be featuring a story of “The Riders of Hope Friend of the Month,” sharing the unique contribution story of one of our supporters.  These gems of generosity are special and should not remain solely in our hearts.  For now, here is a list of almost all of them.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


  • Quest Therapeutics team and our Chester County Friends and family without whose support this would still just be an unrealistic dream!
  • The Rotary Club for their pledge of financial support
  • Lael Farm Gretchen, Roy and Barbaro Jackson
  • Exceptional Equestrians team and to Mrs. William Schuck and Laura Jenkins for welcoming Senada in their home and for supporting us and sharing their knowledge and friendship with us.
  • Thorncroft equestrian center for sponsoring the first NARHA education and certification and for supporting our vision from the beginning!
  • Hogan & Hartson and especially Meaghan Atkinson for their pro-bono legal advice to our Washington DC sister organization Riders of Hope
  • Studio Lisica, Ismet Lisica and Damir Šeremet- for their generous support in the creative and technical development work as well as the website you are currently surfing!
  • Genesis: Sarajevo and Amy Danielson for their support and partnership.
  • St George Gallery and Saba Alene for offering us their lovely space for our April 2nd Fundraising Event
  • Children’s Movement for Creative Education (CMCE) and Elana Haviv for her guidance and advice.
  • Foundation Land of Peace and Friendship and the Jean-Claude Carreau, for introducing equestrian sports to the war-torn region and younger generations, including both Senada and Emin. 
  • OBN TV and Max Magazin for showing an interest in our work.
  • “Pegasus” riding club and its dedicated volunteers, friends, supporters and enthusiasts.
  • CAE Aviation for providing us with transportation for the children
  • “Image team” and Senad Sehic for providing food and beverages for the children
  • Volving BiH for pledging materials we can use to build our first stalls


Aida Spahic
Aida Topic
Alana Frank
Anne Carlino
Carla Zajac
Carol Redditt
Damir Šeremet
David Gaspar
Desiree Cantwell and girls
Dick Vermeil
Edward Oakes
Elaine and Ed Ford
Elizabeth R. Moran
Elizabeth Rohr
Ellane Erdman
Gretchen and Roy Jackson 
Holly Farell and family
Hugh J. Reddintt
Ismet Lisica
Jakov Jurisic and family
Janet and Amy Vermeil with boys
Janice Turco
John Meicht
John Snider
Joshua Kane, our dear friend
Kate Kenny
Keith and Karen Chambrelain
Laura Sunstein Murphy
Lee Law
Linda Pallay
Maria Amato
Mary Mackinnon
Megan McGibb
Nancy McKeon
Pat McGee
Robert, Jacky and Julia Wood
Roma and John Sherman
Ross Brown
Saba Alene
Sandy McCloskey and many others from Quest therapeutic services
Trish Whetham and her daughter
Valerie Peck and family
Vincent and Mary-Beth Marzulli

And most importantly, our parents, for always believing in us and supporting our vision against all odds:
Elba and Nihad (and Zana) Hadziomerovic
Kadira and Hussein Pekaric

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