Sponsor a Therapeutic Horse for a month—$150

Our horses are a very important part of our program. Therapeutic horses take a lot of training, good care and maintenance in order to perform well in a therapeutic environment. We need your help in taking care of these amazing friends! Sponsor one of these wonderful animals; we guarantee it will provide overwhelming gratification. They are gentle giants and do wonders for our individuals with special needs, the instructors, and the volunteers.

Monthly horse care involves

  • Feeding grain and hay
  • Hoof trimming
  • Special vitamins
  • Vet costs
  • Miscellaneous costs - halters, lead ropes, grooming tools

Consider sponsoring a horse with your group of friends! A donation of $1,800 will support a horse for a year. ($900 for half a year or $450 for a quarter). Any gift is welcomed and will help offset operating costs.

Sponsorship Benefits:

  • A framed photo of your horse
  • Sponsorship announcement in all Riders of Hope publications and events
  • Periodic updates of your horse’s activities
  • Our enduring gratitude


There is a horse at Riders of Hope Centre who needs you!

Vinetu is a 6 year old gelding of the 'Bosansko Brdska' breed (the local Bosnian horse breed).  His genes exemplify resilliance, strength and a calm temperament, though also a stubborn nature, not uncommon among Bosnians.  His coloring and markings are particularly interesting, as one of them is in the geographic shape of Bosnia and Herzegovina!  He is adored by all the children and a favorite of the Riders of Hope team!
Dona is a 7 year old mare, a combination of Arabian and 'Bosansko Brdska' breeds.  Senada Pekarić-Muratović owns Dona and has allowed Riders of Hope to use her horse in the Therapeutic Riding program.  Through continued training, this temperamental mare has grown into a fun, calm and friendly horse that makes all feel safe in her presence.  Due to her conformation and temperament, she is typically the first choice of most riders.
El Zahra Kadina is a nice, bold and gentle mare that has captured the hearts of all horse riders and friends. Unfortunately, she survived a hoof injury that required time for complete healing. We were eagerly waiting for its moment of healing, and finally, with the first rays of spring the first riders sat in her saddle! After the Natural Horsemanship training, a lot of patience and love, El Zahra is now a horse competent for therapeutic riding.


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