Volunteers are at the heart of Riders of Hope.  Without their hard work and dedication, our mission — to bring the extraordinary benefits of therapeutic riding and equine activities to a wide range of individuals—would be no more than words on paper.

Our therapeutic riding program operates year-round, with active sessions a few days a week.  Our staff and volunteers work together, forming a vital team that is essential to our ongoing success.  Individual reasons for volunteering may differ, but giving of oneself and forming special connections with people and horses create a common bond with everyone involved in our program.  Our volunteer needs are many. Whether your experience with horses is life-long or minimal, your willingness to give yourself and your time is what we need.

We have room for volunteering activities anywhere in the world.  So don't be shy- drop us a line and experience what it means to be a part of our vision!  

Just some of the ways in which you can volunteer:

  • Organize a fundraiser on our behalf in your community! 
    • We’re happy to help with ideas and support the effort.
  • Are you involved in the Equestrian community?
    • Help us collect donations of old equipment!
  • Are you in Bosnia?
    • Stop by to meet our team and volunteer with the program directly!
    • We are always in need of volunteers to help with grooming and tacking the horses in preparation for therapy riding and leading the horses during lessons.


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